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About the client

World Fuel Services delivers trusted energy solutions. 
Energy, logistics, and technology solutions to aviation, marine, and land customers and suppliers around the world. Global team of local professionals delivers innovative products and services at more than 8,000 global locations..

Sustainability report

Through sustainability reporting, companies communicate their performance and impacts on a wide range of sustainability topics, spanning environmental, social and governance parameters. It enables companies to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face, giving stakeholders greater insight into performance beyond the bottom line.

As companies across the world increasingly embrace sustainability reporting, a number of standards have emerged that enable a wide range of stakeholders to more effectively assess and compare sustainability reports.

The fuel card for the ultimate innovation in fleet efficiency

Fuel Card from World Kinect Energy Services helps drivers get fuel as quickly and efficiently as possible. Offering fuel purchases through a network of local CFN fuel retailers, you get access to cost-plus pricing and secure, easy in-and-out access for your commercial fleets.

Consistent design for a strong brand in a world of solutions for commercial services

Reliable supply solutions for conventional and renewable fuel, gas, electricity, and lubricants.

Supporting the efforts of the Marketing/ HR department

Global Fortune 150 company, and proud to be one of the largest Fortune-listed companies in the state of Florida.

Andrei is a fantastic creative partner. Communicative and effective, he delivers with professionalism and speed. I appreciate his insights and commitment to delivering value. He is trustworthy and can always be counted on.

Mike Zayas – Marketing Manager