Rotariu Andrei

The Story

The dream of gathering creative people in one place and offering solutions adapted to the needs of each client became a reality in 2021. The design studio is adapted to a creative life, friendly and always open to visual challenges.
I always believed in team work, and wanted to take into account the designers’ opinions with the aim of finding the winning idea.This is not a place where you get bored and not a place where we come without a smile on our faces.

Creative life

I started to believe in this way before I started college, since I managed to work with the first version of Photoshop that appeared on the market. Like any designer student, I started to want more from this field but now using the computer as an extension of the technical pencil used before on paper.

I always wanted to learn from every creative field because I believe that a good designer must know everything in order to be successful with the projects he leads. I managed design projects as creative director, creating branding from scratch and offered web / app design solutions for the most different segments. From government applications to the entertainment field.

The life of a designer is in continuous adaptability and we must never forget to challenge ourselves.

  • 2008   ·  Graphic Designer – Aquavita
  • 2012   ·   Brand Manager – Open Mind Group
  • 2015   ·   UI / UX Designer – Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • 2015   ·   UI / UX Designer – Equine Register
  • 2017   ·   UI / UX Designer – Office Timeline
  • 2019   ·   UX / UI Designer – MIT
  • 2019   ·   UX / UI Designer – Elisity
  • 2020   ·   UX / UI Designer – HESA
  • 2020   ·   Design partner with Infinite World Studios