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Traditional blog or a hybrid with a video/audio version?

We are all in constant motion and already everyone has said it too many times the blogs are outdated and I agree but Google still indexes the text. Written words are dusty but for me are smarter. That is my opinion and I support it. But we have to align ourselves, and no matter how hard I think I found a compromise to quench my thirst for writing by combining everything with an audio blog or rather to turn my text into video-audio content. I’ll take a test and I’ll tell you how it was. I started researching on the internet and I found many variants that turn your text into voice. I will put the winners below with just what I considered to be interesting and quality proof, as in any field many sites try to do something but fail, or the quality of the service offered is quite poor. So I selected only two options. These are and The rest of the applications sound too robotic, too fake, and too taken out of the viral videos from TikTok which simply gives me the feeling that it is something that does not offer quality content, but rather a presentation at an embarrassing dance or a cat with a filter on Instagram in which he attaches some stupid eyes.

According to an October 22, 2021 article in The Times of India, author Rahit Mehta says that podcasts are easy to make and also a game changer.

“One of the main advantages of a podcast is that it is easy to make that doesn’t require constant attention. It is less technical than blogging which gives ways to achieve the best results. Apart from that, podcasts allow a business to deliver messages immediately. ”

Rahit Mehta – The Times of India

In the same article, after saying that you don’t need constant attention to listen to a podcast, he mentions that a podcast is easier to remember and that information will remain in the customer’s mind.

How does this come about?

A podcast that doesn’t require your brain to always be focused, because at the same time you can be behind the wheel, is better than a written text that you choose to read and requires 100% attention? I think this information put the written text as a winner.

In conclusion, I believe that audio information can be more comfortable because of the dynamics that life offers us and audio-video content can be much more attractive. I agree with that. But definitely, Why blog? You can read an article and immediately click on the link in the text and get the information you want. You can’t do this in a podcast only if it’s posted on YouTube where a link appears somewhere in the corner of the screen. Maybe you will miss the information and you don’t have the option to scroll up fast to access the link as you can do in a blog post. So at the end who converts better?

I am very curious how the fight will evolve because it will never end. Neither written nor audio or video information will have an end. I believe in a mix. I believe in a more developed podcast platform that will appear soon shortly. But I also believe in the written text that can be turned into an audio format to strengthen your information. It takes more work to give the person the information the right to choose depending on the environment in which they are.

Also in the same article in The Times of India, the author says that these podcasts are easier to make. Yes, he is right in one way or another. It’s faster to talk than to type, but in no case is it easier. If you want to do something quality, a podcast takes time and a lot more investment than a well-written article. People are still deluded that with just a phone or a headset you can make quality material. No one accepts background noise from a bad microphone or a room that is not soundproof. The one who is attracted to the video does not want to see pixels, cheap transitions, or even the light from a light bulb instead of a softbox at a decent price. The user has become more and more demanding and it is normal for this to happen because the technology already offers us solutions so that we can produce better quality content.

I am very curious in my exploration if a combination of text, audio, and video can make you take a step forward. It’s not easy to do, but hey, what is easy means that it does not attract quality and whoever is willing to do it can do it without problems but in the long term, it will not bring success. Developing and discovering yourself is the most important thing. Staying alone in a certain area can be a trap.

Here is the result using on my new YouTube Channel.