Rotariu Andrei

Hello Real World!

Welcome back! I can greet and applaud myself because yes… yes this is my blog. I decided to return to writing, to share with all those interested my ideas and thoughts, whether they are related to my professional or personal life. You may see pictures from my travels but I will try to focus on all that design means and leave personal things as far away from online as possible (which I recommend to you too).

I went back and found my first blog on the platform and my first post was in 2009 when I was still working on a regional radio station and doing a show there. This is probably not very interesting for those who have come here to see written lines related to the field of design. I have changed many jobs in the past, but I have certainly done it with love and dedication. Maybe we’ll talk about such things in a short story about how I got into design.

Until another one, I will hopefully say “HELLO WORLD” forever and I will be able to add content to this website. I think now is the time, among the thousands of vlogs, stories and videos on YouTube I have decided that I can offer written content, yes… maybe I’m crazy. 2022 is definitely not the right place to start writing when the speed era is already here. What would an article in Metavers look like? It would definitely be in audio format or something super easy to catch, not to put your head too much into the contribution.

So greetings to all the artists and I’m glad you’re part of my new journey.